PURPOSE: Painting over previously painted interior trim for that new and fresh look or to modernize

DESCRIPTION: Painting interior trim wainscotting. All tools & necessary supplies such as tape, caulk and roller covers included

PRECAUTIONS: We recommend reading PAINTING TIPS page prior to making your selection

SPECIFIC TERMS: Minimum check out value of $249


PAINT: Standard paint included. See PAINTING PRODUCTS page to view standard paints and upgrade options

ESTIMATE PROCESS: Square Footage Verification on projects greater than $2,000

PAINT COLOR SELECTION: Paint colors and sheen will be coordinated at a later date prior to your project start date

OPTIONS: See selections below

UNIT Of MEASUREMENT: Wall  Square Foot. Example: If the wainscotting is 20 feet long and 3 feet high the wall square footage is 60.  

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit pertinent details about your project in notes below.

SCHEDULING: You will be scheduled promptly after receiving your initial payment. You may contact scheduling by calling 919.526.0611 and following the prompts.

PAYMENT: Go to checkout to view all payment options and to view your discount up to 20% off. Financing options available for qualified buyers.

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