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PURPOSE: Painting a laundry list of items or a room or two that can reasonably be completed in a day and does not justify the time consumption of quoting.

DESCRIPTION: Pro painter working directly for you 8 hours.

SPECIFIC TERMS: Excludes all primer and paint products or drywall. All tools & necessary supplies such as tape, caulk and roller covers included. Service is for 8 hours (including 30 minutes lunch and two 15 minutes breaks) for a total of 7 hours of actual labor. Work is done under customer’s direction and customer is responsible for reviewing work. All work and touch-ups must be complete in the same day. Painting areas up to 20-foot maximum height. Additional labor to be billed at $40 per hour based on painter’s discretion and availability. Payment for additional labor is due at time of service payable to Express Yourself Paint, LLC. The amount of work performed is based on humidity, work scope, project planning, available materials, required prep, etc. Customer to provide work scope in order of priority prior to EYP arrival for best efficiency.

PAINT: Customer Supplied

POST PROJECT TOUCH-UP: Must be completed same day of service

ESTIMATE PROCESS: No estimate required

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit pertinent details about your project in notes below.

SCHEDULING: You will be scheduled promptly after receiving your payment. You may contact scheduling by calling 919.526.0611 and following the prompts.

PAYMENT:   Go to checkout to view all payment options. Financing options available for qualified buyers.

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