PURPOSE: Painting over previously painted interior walls for that new and fresh look or to modernize without painting everything. Good choice when prepping your home to sale by making the most amount of change at the lowest cost. Assumes ceilings and trim are in relative good condition. Select the "Complete Package" if you plan on painting everything. 


  1. 1 coat walls with optional second coat
  2. 1 coat baseboards with optional second coat
  3. Caulk Open Seams
  4. Repair up to 5 feet of tape separation per room
  5. Repair of minor dings, dents, nail pops and nail holes
  6. Includes Closets
  7. Includes 1 Wall Color/Sheen, 1 Trim Color/Sheen
  8. Includes Heights up to 10 feet with an option up to 20 feet
  9. All tools & necessary supplies such as tape, caulk and roller covers included.
  10. Additional services such as selective doors, windows, columns, etc. may be added to your order under a separate service selection. 
  11. Free consultation on checkout value greater than $2,000
  12. Paint upgrade options available 
  13. Covering and moving furniture is available as an option.
  14. See General Terms and Conditions for more details

PRECAUTIONS: We recommend reading PAINTING TIPS page prior to making your selection

SPECIFIC TERMS: Minimum purchase of 100 floor square feet and a minimum check out value of $249


PAINT: Standard paint included. See PAINTING PRODUCTS page to view standard paints and upgrade options

ESTIMATE PROCESS: Square Footage Verification on projects greater than $2,000

PAINT COLOR SELECTION: Paint colors and sheen will be coordinated at a later date prior to your project start date.

OPTIONS: See selections below for options on this particular package.

UNIT Of MEASUREMENT: Floor Square Footage  Example: A 10 foot by 12 foot room has 120 Floor Square Feet. Your quantity below would be 120.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: In the text box below enter in the dimensions of your individual rooms if available (Width X Length X Height)

SCHEDULING: You will be scheduled promptly after receiving your initial payment. You may contact scheduling by calling 919.526.0611 and following the prompts.

PAYMENT:  Go to checkout to view all payment options and to view your discount up to 20% off. Financing options available for qualified buyers.

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