CONTRACT ACCURACY: Customer is responsible for reviewing quote for accuracy and notifying EYP of any changes prior to acceptance. This contract supersedes all verbal agreements. 

ESTIMATE CONTENT LIMITATIONS: This quote includes all labor, material and paint unless otherwise stated.  Only the services stated in this quote at the stated pricing are to be performed. All deliverables required by the customer must be contained in writing within this contract to be binding.  

INTERIOR PAINTING PREPARATION: Removal and re-install of electrical covers, Fans and hanging light fixtures to be covered with plastic and snap in flanges dropped (ceiling painting only), Tape over baseboards (when painting walls only), Drop cloths or plastic on floors, All furniture in rooms painted to be covered with plastic, High traffic protection, Cabinetry and countertops will be covered with plastic (Note: tools are not to be placed on countertops or floors without a protective barrier), Caulk open trim seams, Repair minor sheetrock blemishes such as nail pops, dings and dents, Repair of tape seam separation up to 5' per room

EXTERIOR PAINTING PREPARATION: Low pressure house wash to remove dirt and grime(Customer to ensure doors and windows are closed). Masking of fixtures and windows when spraying. Painting behind downspouts. Scraping and sanding of loose paint. Spot priming of bare wood and stains. Repair of separated caulk seams. Driving in of loose nails. Dropping and shielding of exterior surfaces

PREPARATION DOES NOT INCLUDE: Repair of bulging sheetrock seams, Rework of previous sheet rocker such as wavy corners, uneven or rough surfaces, Rework of previous painter such as paint encroaching surfaces not to be painted by EYP, excessive runs, heavy roller and brush marks.

CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY: Instructing painters of the best location to wash equipment and park equipment and/or vehicles. Removal of window treatments, wall/siding hung objects (leave any bracket, nail or screw in place if you do not require the hole to be patched). Removal of personal items such as figurines, glass, crystal, china, electronics, pictures, mirrors, exotic floor coverings or any item at risk of being damaged in a construction site.  Removal of plumbing fixtures if required.  Exterior Specific:  Removal of vegetation for a one-foot clearance around painted surfaces. Positioning of vehicles 200 feet away from the home or in the street. Customer to ensure doors and windows are closed prior to house washing.

TOUCHING PAINT UP: Any paint with a sheen, painted surfaces in the sun (even if flat), paints of different batches, ages, store locations and those applied at different temperatures will flash. We suggest painting in whole sections when covering up blemishes.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS INTERIOR: Doors and door frames are painted room side only. One coat coverage can only be obtained with high probability when using the same color and sheen as previously painted.  Second coats are an additional cost and customer must agree to pay prior to application of second coat.  EYP does not guarantee adhesion of previously applied popcorn or any previous coating after paint application.  EYP is not responsible for undetectable stains that may appear after paint application or paint reaction to previously applied chemicals.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS EXTERIOR: EYP will be as careful as possible around your landscaping; however, some ladders required to complete your project are very heavy and take multiple trained professionals to manipulate. Ladders must be properly placed for safety purposes thus minor damage to landscaping may occur. One coat coverage in most cases will accommodate a color change when utilizing a high-end coating and a sprayer. Extreme color changes, color selection and current color of home may affect coverage performance.  Second coats are an additional cost and must approved by the customer prior to application of second coat.

PRICING: Store pricing (Express Painting Quotes) is subject to change without notice

COLOR SELECTION: Number of colors standard in this estimate are 1 each for walls/siding, trim and ceilings. Additional colors are $99 each unless stated otherwise. Some colors such as reds and yellows may incur additional cost.

PROJECT SCHEDULING AND DURATION: We estimate a crew size when quoting your project. Actual size may differ based on availability.  Events outside the control of EYP such as weather, death, sickness, mechanical failure cannot be predetermined. Projects are scheduled once initial payment is received.

TOXIC & STRONG ODERS: Oil base products and epoxies may have a strong order and in confined areas may be toxic. EYP strongly encourages you to plan accordingly.

DEPOSITS: Deposits are due at time of estimate acceptance for cash buyers. Project will be scheduled once deposit is received. Up to the first $200 of a deposit is nonrefundable. By paying the deposit, customer acknowledges acceptance of the terms herein and agrees to subsequent final payment.

CUSTOMER FINAL WALK THROUGH: Customer is to be available for a final walk through upon project completion. Failure to be available for a walk through at project completion will result in a trip charge for any subsequent touch ups performed.

PAYMENT: All payments are due upon completion of estimate work scope. Touch-ups are not grounds for non-payment and maybe subject to a trip charge per terms below. Overdue balances will be subject to $30/week late fee.

PROJECT TOUCH UPS AFTER COMPLETION: Projects exceeding $2000 have a 5-day examination period from completion date to identify and schedule a final touch up. Final touch ups are scheduled once your bill is paid in full. Touch ups requested after the examination period or projects less than $2000 or additional touch ups after the final touch up will be subject to a trip charge of no less than $99.00. 

PROPERTY CONDITION: All pricing in the EYP Express Quote store are based on average wear and tear. Pricing is subject to increase on homes with excessive wear and tear requiring additional work.

CANCELATION of SERVICE: Buyer may cancel service at any time by notifying EYP in writing at least 7 calendar days prior to the agreed upon start date subject to the Deposit terms. All cancellations purchased through GreenSky, Klarna or Credit Card will incur a 6% cancellation fee in Lieu of the deposit terms.